Predavanja v okviru Šole teorije umetnosti (Damir Arsenijević: “Towards a politics of unbribable life”)

This paper will examine the extent to which some politico-cultural practices critically rupture the false binary ‘nationalist-antinationalist’ in Bosnia and Herzegovina today and go beyond the multiculturalist fascination with identitarian differences. These politico-cultural practices enact a different kind of politics, properly emancipatory, on behalf of unbribable life, by which I mean life that refuses to be bought off in the face of a politics that aims to desensitise it in relation to the workings and effects of the terror of inequality. It is a life that enacts its refusal to be bribed in its demand for and its insistence on the politics of equality for all. Who is the community mobilised by these emancipatory politico-cultural gestures? What does such a community invest its hopes in?–will be some of the questions tackled.

Damir Arsenijević is a lecturer of English language and literature at University of Tuzla.

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